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AI for everyone

Alpine Intuition's goal is to make Artificial Intelligence accessible to everyone.

To fulfill that goal our team is constantly developing tools and solutions based on the latest advancements in machine learning, deep learning and AI and making them accessible to everyone through the I-square platform.


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Everybody sees - in their work and daily life - potential use cases for AI. But finding the resources to implement reliable and production ready solutions is complex. Setting up an AI team for your company and projects is difficult and costly.

At Alpine Intuition we leverage on our internal tools to accelerate the development of AI solutions and on our team to provide the necessary expertise and know-how for your enterprise or project use case.

We help you validate and build the solution that best fit your needs.

iSquare: AI made simple.

Why spend thousands creating AI applications from scratch when you can use the best models available directly here?

Discover our marketplace for ready to use AI models as APIs.

Simple, easy and fast: no machine learning skills required!

More than a marketplace: an ultra low-latency and high throughput  platform. 

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