Alpine Intuition

AI for a great future

At Alpine Intuition we believe that artificial intelligence will and should be used to solve today's most pressing challenges in climate, healthcare and well-being of the population. In order to achieve this goal, AI has to be made more accessible so that any creative minds can use it's potential.

Meet the Team

Sebastian Savidan, Founder & CEO

Sebastian graduated a Master's degree in Robotics at EPFL. Passionate about creating impacting projects, entrepreneurship and public speaking, his capabilities at seeing people possible synergies, his long term vision and his love for challenges makes him the key of the company's business development.

Dr. Florin Dzeladini, Founder & CTO

Passionate about life and science with a keen interest in robotics and programming. Florin graduated a PhD in robotics and intelligent systems. The knowledge and know-how he accumulated over the years, in particular in AI,  made him the perfect candidate to envision the future of the company's technological development. 

Jean Gschwind, Founder & Machine Learning Engineer

Jean graduated a Master's degree in Robotics at EPFL, he is an experienced Machine Learning engineer, he participated to several AI competitions and worked for innovative Swiss startups. With his work, he became an expert in computer vision.

Dr. Berat Denizdurduran, Founder & CSO

With his fresh PhD in Neuroscience as part of the Blue Brain Project from EPFL, Berat wants to use his knowledge of brain sciences and put it into the design of the next generation of artificial intelligence: intuitive artificial agent. He is fascinated by the versatility, adaptability and emergence properties of nervous systems and uses this has a powerful creative drive to bring true AI to life for good.

Reza Safai-Naeeni, COO

After completing his engineering studies with a masters's project in Robotic prosthetic at the MIT, Reza worked for more than 5 years in for a Swiss-leading digital transformation consulting firm. Active as a Team leader and project manager, Reza has gained expertise in several industries such as Healthcare, Medical devices, Private banking, TelCo, F&B and more.  

Frédéric Juillard, Founder & Advisor Business Dev.

Following his engineering studies in Life Sciences at EPFL/UC Berkeley, Frédéric started his own company in the CleanTech field in 2015. After filing 3 patents, and raising more than CHF 5.5 million for the construction of a pilot, Frédéric co-founded Alpine Mining in 2017, allowing him to acquire more entrepreneurial experience and new skills in business development for activities in IT and Blockchain sectors.